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Star Anime-Tones
The place where u can download or upload ur favourite anime ringtones.

Group Founder: jeevs
Description: The place where u can download or upload ur favourite anime ringtones.
Group Type: Public join
Members: 446
Category: Entertaintment & Media > General

Topics (11)

go Talk (7) shyboy92
Wats up

go Welcome (6) jeevs
novah.gif Welcome to my group all u anime people! Feel free to have a look around. If u want to, u can also download or upload a tone. Enjoy!

go Anime community (4) laro696
Come join the growing community at

go Question (2) webi
Sumi masen....can any1 tell me where 2 get mp3 anime tones?

go Site of about ANIME (1) kagemaru
Join my group u sure not regret! , join us, see b4 u judge, plz join. , its all about anime, topics, polls, and downloadable wallpap...

go Tone Requests (40) jeevs
If any member has a favourite tone that they'd like, request it here and I'll see what I can do. music.gif

go Introduce Yourself (35) jeevs
Say a little something about urself. Think of it as getting ur 5 seconds of fame! clap.gif

go check this out! (0) ratsapus
christianity's a scam. visit

go Click this link!!! (1) flyne

go Hey ppls (0) chamboi
I need buds gat no buds on a ma buddy list pls bud me

go Help (10) xxkyo
Hei... How to download file? I need Elfen Lied-Lilium

Photos (1)


Files (59)

1 Sakura theme.mp3
2 Kyuuchi Inuyasha.mid
3 Hikaru no Go_ I''ll be the one
4 Hikaru no Go_Sincerely dream
5 D-Technolife
6 Hikaru no Go_Bokura no Bouken
7 Soul Hunter_Will
8 naruto shippuuden heroes come back(full)
9 Naruto - Evening
10 Naruto - Evil
11 Naruto - Fooling Mode
12 Naruto - Go Go Go Naruto
13 Naruto - Haruka Kanata
14 Naruto - Hinata vs Neji
15 Naruto - I said I'm Naruto


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